Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the Weekends We...

Hey! You busy? Obviously not you're on my blog page, but anywhoos...this and last weekend we took our daughter out to some FAMU activities. For those who don't know Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is a HBCU (historically black college/university) and my boyfriend's alma mater. He kept asking me were we going to attend some games and requested that Kirin have a "FAMU tutu". So we bought tickets and at the last minute I whipped up a pettitutu (the really fluffy ones) and a onesie for her. We got sooooo many comments/compliments! Homecoming (a very big deal around here) was last week so I threw her back in it for the parade and at one point the people in our area were just watching her and not the parade. See my daughter has midget vertically challenged parents and we are none to chunky either so she is really small for her age and walks very well. Plus, she's super cute so it's an instant attention magnet. It's like she has paparazzi wherever we go. NO seriously, at the FAMU game this girl took a picture of her and walked off, umm...weird. Anyway I wanted to share the pics of my little precious in her FAMU regalia.

Practicing their victory cheers.   
Fumble Face.

 Notice: Bow here...

No bow here...she ripped it off in the car on the way because she was mad, ugh! It took mommy 30 minutes to make that hunni, not to mention the 15 on the internet trying to figure it out.

She loves her some daddy, plus she wasn't too keen on grass at that point and needed his protection from it. Although, once she figured out it couldn't come get her she was back to her old self.
"Y'all take your time, I'm just gonna run on ahead"

Everyone loved her tutu. Why did it never occur to me that people would want a Famu tutu? "Duh...I don't know, George." She had a pretty good time. She kept me chasing her all over the stands though. She loves to walk and will not be hindered. She was pretty worn out though and we left at halftime! Below this one are some of the parade pictures. We were like 40 minutes late so we missed the band, but she's not an early morning baby and I hated to wake her.

   Daddy is very photogenic, but I'm not so you probably won't be seeing a lot of me in pictures.
 I did manage to score this little gem so soak it up, it will be the last for a long while.
Another successful venture with our little Kiwi. Then her great-grandparents came to take her away for a week. Tear* Hope you enjoyed!

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