Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Happy Birthday Banner and Haute and Posh Update

Well I started a Facebook fan page for my new DBA (doing business as) Haute & Posh Designs. I finally just bit the bullet and created my logo which was part of the hold up.

 I'm aiming to upgrade my business and create more couture and designer styled events and items. I don't have a website as of yet but my fan page is already at 700+ fans after only a week of posting! Of course I owe it to two HUGE giveaways that I donated my design services to as a prize. Create Kids Couture's 8,000 Fan Celebration already ended, but keep an eye on them as they publish free tutorials and patterns every week in addition to selling fabulous clothing patterns. You can check them out on Facebook here and online here. The other is with Posh Little People and is going on through September 8th look for the post and a chance to win here. I have to say I love to order from PLP whenever I can; they sell brands like Mud Pie and Bonnie Jean who make adorable little dresses and outfits that actually fit Kirin well.

So I digress, to celebrate making 200 fans I gave away this handmade headband. Sorry for the crappy pics. I actually took them with my phone and doctored them up because I can't find my SD card.

 For reaching 500 fans I gave away a $25 shop credit and then I decided I made a free printable Happy Birthday Banner to share with my fans for being so great already. Of course that includes you lovely people as well so here's the link for the download. it's a PDF google doc. I realized that it would fit any of the themes below and could even be adapted to your own unique party theme. Of course what's a banner without a personalized name and matching invitations, labels, and decor? That's where I come in...or not, but this banner really will work and so I'm sure a lot of people could get some use from it. SO SHARE! 

Share it with your friends, neighbors and anyone else who might benefit from it. I just ask three things.
1. Take a picture and tag Haute and Posh on facebbok or post pics to the wall if you do
2. Please refer them to the link via one of my pages, that way I can see that people are really getting use from it and I can offer more freebies in the future.
3. ENJOY! : -)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Yay, boring post about me and my life, ha ha.....ha. Ok moving on, these past weeks I did lots! I wrote 5 short stories and a paper for my fiction class, read a novel for Amer. Lit, rough sketched a logo for a client and have been haggling back and forth with this one girl about the cost of her centerpieces. That's another post entirely that I totally intend to write. I have had decomposed Minnie Mouse and Rainbow Bright in my "craft room" for like 2 weeks and they are tired of being cloth zombies; it's time to make the costumes and ship them off. Also, I have been trying to get a job, like a GOOD job with benefits and a salary. I had a callback, but no callback form the callback and then another call back so, I will be harassing following up with them next week.

 Fun stuff: I taught my daughter to eat an ice cream cone, you know the ones you can get for under a buck and eat the cone. Oh the many gems of parenthood, that was so enjoyable. I made cinnamon rolls which were a disaster I should've shared, I created my NEW logo (very excited) and I finally finished all my classes.

SO... tired, but I will finally have time to catch up on everything, or as much of everything as I can fit in 2 weeks because GUESS WHAT fall semester starts back Aug. 27th oh joy.

So I have a lot to do and blog, my windows still need curtains, I still have costumes to sew, giveaways to be in, training pants to make, a disaster to share and some really good recipes, and cleaning to do (but I won't be blogging about that). Oh, and I launched my new FB fan page, even though it's still under construction. You can visit it here and if you never went to my original fan page it is here. I plan to make the old one a part of this blog eventually. Like I said I have a ton to do so if you will excuse me I am about to take a nap before I get started.