Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Yay, boring post about me and my life, ha ha.....ha. Ok moving on, these past weeks I did lots! I wrote 5 short stories and a paper for my fiction class, read a novel for Amer. Lit, rough sketched a logo for a client and have been haggling back and forth with this one girl about the cost of her centerpieces. That's another post entirely that I totally intend to write. I have had decomposed Minnie Mouse and Rainbow Bright in my "craft room" for like 2 weeks and they are tired of being cloth zombies; it's time to make the costumes and ship them off. Also, I have been trying to get a job, like a GOOD job with benefits and a salary. I had a callback, but no callback form the callback and then another call back so, I will be harassing following up with them next week.

 Fun stuff: I taught my daughter to eat an ice cream cone, you know the ones you can get for under a buck and eat the cone. Oh the many gems of parenthood, that was so enjoyable. I made cinnamon rolls which were a disaster I should've shared, I created my NEW logo (very excited) and I finally finished all my classes.

SO... tired, but I will finally have time to catch up on everything, or as much of everything as I can fit in 2 weeks because GUESS WHAT fall semester starts back Aug. 27th oh joy.

So I have a lot to do and blog, my windows still need curtains, I still have costumes to sew, giveaways to be in, training pants to make, a disaster to share and some really good recipes, and cleaning to do (but I won't be blogging about that). Oh, and I launched my new FB fan page, even though it's still under construction. You can visit it here and if you never went to my original fan page it is here. I plan to make the old one a part of this blog eventually. Like I said I have a ton to do so if you will excuse me I am about to take a nap before I get started.

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