Monday, October 3, 2011

An Aside, a Story, and an Offer (Long)

Good Morning!
First, let me start by saying I think that I should write as things come to me. I've never been one of those people who had a rough draft and then edited it and had 2 or 3 other people read and critique it and then wrote another draft. I was more like I wrote as I wrote (if that makes sense) I MAY have on occasion had something written on paper, but I revised it as I was typing it. Once it was printed I may have asked an opinion, but what was done was done. How does that relate? Um, I have a blog and you have to write stuff. So, if I want my stuff to be interesting I need to write A.S.A. I have even one line of what I want to say, BUT definitely tweek it before posting.

Okay, so I wanted to talk about this failed giveaway. I was hoping, hope against hope, that people, mostly ones I know or their friends, would actually participate. While I don't have much traffic, I very much appreciate the people who do read it and I just knew I could count on the love of those people to sustain my little bloggie giveaway. I know that actually having to go and look at the site and come back and comment is a lot of work, but the sponsor wants site traffic so come on, give me a break. I was so excited that someone contacted me and that I was able to do a  giveaway with valuable giveaway-ware.

The results remind me of my first Mary Kay party as a representative. I invited the few people that I knew and actually liked. I was SO excited. I LOVE Mary Kay products and I could make money talking about it, WHAT!? But there's a script and they kinda want you to memorize it so that it flows naturally. Um, I'm not a good-product script-with-someone's idea-of-witty banter-type person. It's very hard for me to patronize people or fake being  happy. So, I gave it my best (I think) and tried not to drone on and on about the makeup ingredients and just get to the actual skincare part. Is this too long? Well, there's a part where you play a game to giveaway free stuff and get referrals. I was like, "...FREE STUFF!!!"... no response. "Come on, who doesn't like FREE STUFF?", nothing but blank stares. Hello! These people are my friends, where's the enthusiasm? Ok, moving on. Then I had painstakingly made and decorated these pale Mary Kay pink cupcakes. "Let's go into the kitchen for CUPCAKES and LEMONADE!!" Nothing once again. No one was excited about free stuff or yummy cupcakes. I wondered...was it me? Was I that boring? Did I make friends with aliens? Or terrorists? Or terrorist aliens? I know part of presenting is giving to the audience to get it back, but what more could I have given to get something from them. Could they have tried to have a little more fun? Well, I had a few more parties after that and had the best time! I..It's not me? Still not sure.

So, did I not talk about the software enough? Basically, it was like working in Publisher, but with the effects and editing capabilities you wish Publisher had. It's not as hard as Photoshop, which I can do minimally. And you don't have to deal with all those layers. I usually work in Publisher, but I always wish I could cut pictures into shapes, add frames and effects more easily and add embellishments that they don't have, things I do in Photoshop. Well I was able to do it in the my memories suite (yeah, I decided to plug it). So, for FREE I think it's pretty cool, BUT it's probably the highest quality scrapbooking software I have worked with just because I have yet to pay more than $10 for any. It had pretty good reviews on Amazon as well. So anyway, the free code doesn't expire until December so If anyone is interested GO TO THE WEBSITE ( can't get around it) look around,  leave me comment of anything at all that you saw, and tell me you want the software. First person to do it, get's it. For anyone else I have a coupon code that I will gladly share with you for $10 off the software and $10 in free downloads. Same requirements apply, but I would also like you to go and "LIKE" Creative Hobbies on Facebook (don't worry, I'm not one of those people who posts every five seconds) OR SUBSCRIBE to this blog, then LEAVE A COMMENT, also non-negotiable, that you did it. The coupon code offer is unlimited, I will deliver it by email.

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