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Have a Designer Tree on a Knock-off Budget.

I was recently talking to a friend and explained my Christmas ornament mishap: basically, they were never moved with us when we moved in February. Now, we are on a really tight budget and new ornaments don't really fit in it. Anyhow, he replied that they were expensive. I explained what I did to make my tree look expensive without blowing my budget and he said, "Cool, where did you get them, [My wife] is looking for some?" Hmm.... at the store. Are we still talking about tree ornaments here? They are everywhere! So it occurred to me that not everyone knows how to get the designer tree look, you know, like the ones on display at the store. So, I thought I would share some tips.

Photo found here
First, I start with a color scheme or a fun theme. This can be combination of colors that coordinate like black and silver, red and gold, pink and turquoise OR it could be all one color or hues from the same family like different purples or blues. For a theme you could try something like lollipops, angels or snowmen. Just pick something you like. If you can't decide ahead of time see what catches your eye at the store.Another idea is to purchase a colored tree and pick complimentary or contrasting colors. That will make a STATEMENT, like a white tree with black ornaments or pink with fun, bright colors. Look on Pinterest for some inspiration.

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Next, I purchase inexpensive ornament packs preferably with different styles inside. The packs should contain: shiny, matte, and glittery or at least 2 of those 3. And I also get at least 2 sizes or a pack with multiple sizes.  Depending on your tree size you may only need 2 packs. I then get one set of the more distinct ornaments that are also inexpensive such as snowflakes or icicles these can be whatever texture you are missing. Or these can showcase your theme.

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Warning: I do not buy the loose tinsel or the garland made from it, nor do I buy multicolor lights. Those are on my tacky list along with the trees that have all the colors in them, but that's my personal preference. Do whatever makes your family happy. I ALSO, do not put candy canes on my tree unless they are ornaments or match. I usually have a dish on the table and I hang them over the side so that guests and family can have some. Also, I don't "overstuff" my tree, It does not have to overflow with ornaments to look nice.

My Tree Detail

Then I buy a FEW like handful of the not-so-inexpensive ornaments usually a pair of 3 different styles or you can get 4 to 6 totally different ones. I make sure these are unique, eye catching, and do not look like the rest of the ornaments except the color should match and if using a theme, they should reflect your theme in a BIG WAY even being oversized will help tell the story of your tree.(See the butterflys?)

My Tree Detail
Lastly, I use wide ribbon and loosely wrap it around the tree in a spiral coming from the top down. The topper is up to you. You may use one or tie a many loop bow at the top. If you don't know how look it up on YouTube. If you have special handmade ornaments they made be added to the tree spaced far apart so that they are just special little surprises tucked here and there. I almost forgot: for just a little more "designer" touch. I wrap all our gifts in gift wrap that matches the tree. Just a little something extra, really takes it to the next level.

Recap: No multicolored lights, pick a color scheme, at least 2 variety packs with different sizes and finishes, an accent pack or two (should have like 6 in each), and then splurge on 4 to 6 special ones (there is no magic number), and use wide ribbon that will really give it a finished look.

Store list:
Best place for cheap multipacks: Target and Walmart
Best place for unique not-so-cheap ornaments: Kmart, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby

Other stores to check out: Dollar Tree, Joann's, Macy's, Sears and check online especially places like Etsy.

These pictures are not that great, but this is my tree from last year.
I would love to see how you guys decorate your trees and home or how you used these tips!

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