Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kirin's 1st Birthday Part I: The (Actual) Big Day


1st off, none of these photos are edited. If you waited on me to edit them you would never get to see them........That first sentence has been in draft status for over a month. Soooo many details. Let's start with the personal stuff. My little mommy turned one Sept 15th and at midnight her daddy gave her a cupcake he brought home from our favorite bakery in town Tasty Pastry.

Best pic of me the whole occasion btw: don't judge me

That evening we took her to Chuck E Cheese's. I had an awesome coupon for pizza and games. Score! Well, we live in Tacky Tallahassee, FL and as it started to drizzle and I began having fun, the power went out and stayed that way. Thumbs down. Kiwi wasn't all that interested in the games anyway. She was too busy walking up to strangers like she knew them O_O. So we went home with a bucket full of tokens and a promise to come back another day.

 Chuck E Cheese... yay! (she doesn't really know what's going on)

 Wait..where did you take me?

 Yay!!! Pizza. S/N: I always look a hot mess when it's important...childbirth, her party, this picture...
Part II and probably III soon to follow. More than likely titled, "A Semi-crafty mother's frustration and pain" and don't miss the dress reveal.

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