Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrifty Curtain Project

Dez rearranged the living room today and moved the tv by the window. So, I decided that the guests (that we never have) would really notice that we don't have any curtains and so I budgeted 0> for the two cheapest and most decent panels we could get for $45 or less. Yes I need two panels for one window, just because I'm broke doesn't mean i'm tacky. That's pretty much why our house isn't fixed up. Even budget projects take money.

For my price I had the options of Target and Walmart. Background info: I live in a college town so Goodwill hardly has anything and thrift stores are practically non-existent; also Walmart sucks big time. Anyway, off to Target I went with my 21 month old. There were two aisles with curtains, the one for people who can only afford solid colors and the one for people who can afford patterns. So they had a display with some decent solid panels for $15.99, but low and behold, they were out of any color that remotely matched my living room.


I just so happened to have checked Joann's on my phone and saw they were having a super sale on fabric AND found a 15% off coupon I could use on top of the sale.

To Joann's!

Kirin's Side Story: She hung in my arms like a limp rag doll then got down and made dirt angels on the floor in the store about three times. Mommy's cue to hurry.

...I found some $6.00 clearance home decor fabric that happened to match AND be half off AND had never even been cut AND turned out to be gorgeous once we opened the plastic.

 THEN, since the lady in front of me was obviously getting her own fat roll made from bolts of fabric I decided to look at the novelty fabric.
I have been wanting to get this Mud Pie dress for Kiwi which is on sale for $19.00 here, but the 4th is on Wednesday. So, I  bought these two fabrics to make a dress like this using this tutorial from Prudent Baby.

Those fabrics happened to be half off as well as did the matching thread for each project AND I got embroidery floss 3 for $.99 (x2) so that I can finish another project I have. When I got to the register I ended up getting a 20% overall discount so most of my items were 70% off and I got all of this, plus Skittles for Kiwi for $23!

I start my summer C term tomorrow but I will be completing both these projects this week and the dress before Wednesday so look out for another "Yes, I made it yesterday" post soon. Goodnight!


  1. so thrifty and awesome. I need to make curtains for the down stairs I was thinking of doing something like that! What fabric did you use? awesome job on the dress btw!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I bought crushed taffeta and I am looking for a sheet to use for the lining unless I can get that material for really cheap too


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