Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Made It Yesterday - July 4th One Shoulder Ruffled Dress


Like I mentioned before I wanted to get the Mudpie dress for Kiwi, but I ended up making one myself. We only got to go to Walmart in it because she and her dad fell asleep immediately after eating and didn't wake up until I could hear fireworks outside. She's such a little busy body.


That triptophan will get you every time. We had ribs, white mac n cheese and corn on the cob in case anyone was wondering. It's funny, usually I am all about a spectacular dessert for holidays, but I was so caught up wanting to finish this dress. Dez actually asked me was I making, it's dessert or the dress. Since I made Nutter Butter cookies from Cookies and Cups last week, the dress won. 

 So there were flaws in the final product. I used elastic that was too wide because I was too lazy (after finishing all those edges) to find and measure the elastic before I made the casing for it. I knew I had elastic I just didn't know how big.  Also, it was too wide at the bottom. I am not a math whiz so I already had a hard time figuring out how to draw the pattern to fit Kiwi so after everything else I just left the bottom measurement as it was.

Despite all that it came out really cute.
 I'm so proud all my edges were finished and my cuts were pretty straight. 

I, being the presentation perfectionist that I tend to become, whipped up a shabby flower hair accessory to add to a headband for her. Then being the dork that I am I whipped me up one too. Hers is the one on the left. You can tell mine was an afterthought fueled by the abundance of fabric I had left.

 Dork  epiphany.........what the hell am I going to wear this with?

 Oh yeah! I DO have a navy blue shirt ($3 at Old Navy, thank you.) 
Out pop some more shabby flowers, as if by magic. I pin them on my shirt...

Bada bing bada boom, we match! 

Not the most beautiful picture of me btw.

We snapped quite a few pics, but she was all into her Elmo video. I'm pretty sure we have loaded those videos onto every Apple device we own just so that she won't hog the Ipad.

She's so indifferent to her fabulous-ness.


We finally got her to participate and promptly spammed all our friends and relatives via MMS. I swear we need to just get a mailing list and have people sign up instead of bombarding their phones. "Kiwi this Week"

Here's the link to the tutorial if you need it.

I will probably make this dress like five more times because it's relatively easy for it to come out so well. This is like the third wearable garment that I have made so far. I am a novice, but plan to get plenty of practice.

How was your Fourth? Make anything special?


  1. Okay, I am so SUPER impressed by you right now. Elastic?! Straight hems?! You are way outta my league! :) The finished product is TOO cute. And I love the pic of you two together. Love it!!

    1. Thanks! We will see if you're still impressed after I make these curtains ha ha! And you guys built a bed, um... no contest.

  2. that girl has the most creative mind. she must get headaches from thinking of allthat stuff.....Stephanie clark

  3. great work my eldest Daddy


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