Saturday, June 1, 2013

What I've Got Brewing

     Well you may or may not know, but I have really gotten into creating clothing, mostly children's (more specifically girls) and I've decided to start a business separate from Haute & Posh to sell clothing and accessories. I have a name, but I'm not ready to share until I purchase the DBA for it. Below is my cutie pie niece Anna in a skirt and embellished top I made her when she visited for a month in March.
My niece Anna
  I also took the photos, I'm beginning to think I'm a Photo Hobbyist. Photography definitely excites me, but I think more on a personal level, like a I-am-just-playing-around-with-a-camera-type-of-way. Here is my daughter in her mama exclusive romper. She's not as easy to shoot ans my niece, who's a little ham. I loved the colors of the fabric so bright and summery. I made both outfits using patterns from Create Kids Couture. If you sew or are thinking about trying they have a wonderful sewing community on Facebook that you can join HERE.

My little munchkin Kiwi
Loved using my gorgeous maternity photos for this sample
  "A new business?" you might say. "Did you have a business before that?", well yes, I do. I own Haute & Posh Designs where I design digital and printable paper goods like invitations, announcements, flyers and brochures, but I also make and sell event decor and provide styling services. A friend of mine calls it my "Party Hustle".

 The same way that Yoga is really about breathing, my business is really about creating experiences. I believe that through detail and personal
touches an event is a well designed life experience. Also, I like to create modern fairytales: beautiful clothes and parties and special occasions and elegant invitations. I sort of try to live in one myself. I very much have a passion for crafting and I would like to turn that passion into something where I can be happy doing something I love, but still provide for my family.

Candy bar I created for a Pink Safari- themed shower I co-hosted
How has that been working out you say? Honestly, not very well. I have a tendency to put more into a project/request than is possible to profit from; by letting my client give me an impossibly low price that limits the spectacular-ness that I can give them. The only other problem is when I charge what I need to I get less interest in my services, but I have come to the conclusion that I just need to make better stuff! It's not you or my fans or maybe not even me: it's my resources... As a start-up I have very few resources and that's where I have to get creative, which I think I've done so look for some pretty little things to come from me around the fall. :-)

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