Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Birthday Progress

So, currently I am working on my sweet little girl's first birthday party. I am keeping the theme a secret for now, but there will definitely be a reveal on that later.

Today was my first day sewing, like ever! So, what does mama do? Well I saw THE cutest pettiskirt dress, BUT it costs $124.00. Umm... no thanks. She pretty much gains 1-2lbs a month so I will most certainly not be paying that much for a dress she may wear once or twice. She's totally worth it, it's just not economically responsible to me. So I decide that i'm going to make it. What makes me think I can? 1. I bought a tutorial for a pettiskirt 2. I've read a lot of pettiskirt tutorials 3. My friend has a sewing machine and offered to teach me. (She said it was easy-peasy) 4. I am totally insane and firmly believe I can figure out how to do anything with directions. So, there you have it, I'm a sewing mama. I also plan to use this dress as a Halloween costume, princess fairy anyone?

I'll have to admit it is easier than I thought, I am really excited! Today I cut all the fabric, made the ruffles and sewed them onto one layer of the bottom tier. Tomorrow Kirin (babygirl) comes back from her first trip away from mom and dad. Yeah, we pretty much missed her  WAAAAY more than she missed us. And she will be all in my fabric because the baby gate only keeps her in the living room and it's so confined I hate to leave her in there. 

My Wreath
Last weekend I halfway finished the wreath for the front door of her party space.  Of course I modified mine: I used the wooden/twig wreath (from Dollar Tree). It took about 16 sheets of tissue paper and I cut my pieces into 4x5" rectangles since they were 20"x20" sheets and rounded the corners, which gave it a soft more petal-ey look. You can use less paper if you make it looser. I say halfway because I will be adding her initial or something to the middle. 

Well, I am super excited about this whole process even though I have about two weeks to pull it all together. Did I mention I'm a full time student? I haven't been able to produce a whole lot of physical elements for the party up until recently, but I have already designed her labels and cupcake wrappers. And of course invites have been mailed and received already. More pics and details to come. Yay, i'm so excited!

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